We are back again with Photography Tips and Tricks! There is so much to learn and everything seems so important! Even with a BFA in photography, I feel like I am missing out on so much! We decided to put together another post full of cheat sheets that we have found the most helpful. Please feel free to share your best kept secrets. We would love to learn!

One of my biggest pet peeves is seeing something printed out or displayed with terrible quality. It is so important to make sure that your photo quality is there. When I see pixels, I automatically look down on the photograph (even if it is a great photo). Photographers, take a look at this chart, and let’s get rid of those pixels!


Keyboard shortcuts can save you so much time! I have to admit, I have been studying up on this chart. I waste so much time by not using these shortcuts. If you are just learning Photoshop, try to learn the shortcuts along the way, it will save you so much time!



In some cases, people are so focused on what they should do. Have you ever thought about what you shouldn’t do or what you should avoid? This cheat sheet breaks down the basics of what you should avoid. Don’t you just hate when there is something strange in the background and that is all you can look at? Yeah, us too!



I prefer to shoot in manual mode ( I would get yelled at if my professor saw anything else!), but check out these descriptiosn for each shooting mode. Who knew Nikon had a child mode that makes backgrounds and clothing colorful but keeps skin tones soft and natural looking?


Shooting outdoors with a flash can get very complicated. You have to figure out where the sun is hitting your subject and every other light sources that may be around. You don’t want to just use a flash for indoor portraits, but use it to add impact to outdoor shots too!


Written by Cheeky Lime — June 06, 2016

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