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Have you ever looked at someone’s background on a photo and thought it was the coolest thing ever? It happens to me all the time! I always wonder, “How did they get the background that texture?” to “How is that even possible!?” I’ve been doing some research on Pinterest and all over the Internet, and I came up with some simple DIY backdrops! To get started, I wanted to show everyone some cool storage systems that are perfect for your backdrops in an in home photo studio!






Are you going for a vintage inspired photo? Take a look at this backdrop! You can use any book including pages that are in color for your backdrop.



Are you looking to add a little more color to your photograph? Use colored streamers for a 3 dimensional feel!




Geometric patterns can be very fun to work with as a backdrop. Have you ever thought of using envelopes as a backdrop? You could even write things on the envelopes or have letters sticking out!




What about a backdrop that you can eat!? Not only will you enjoy the backdrop, but so will your subject! This backdrop will make it fun to play with depth of field!





This backdrop has an Anthropologie vibe to it. With the yarn, you are able to play with how long you want the strings to be. You can also play around with the shapes that the yarn makes. Mix colors up, or stick to one color. Have fun with it!




These are only some of the backdrops that I have found! Follow us on Pinterest to get inspired and learn about other easy ways to create DIY backdrops! Don’t forget to tag us in your photos so we can see what you are creating!

Written by Cheeky Lime — March 30, 2015

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