I have so many framed/unframed photographs, and I never know what to do with them, besides storing them in the basement and garage. I live in a smaller apartment, so cluttered walls could make my space looks smaller, or at least that is my fear. I finally took some time to get inspiration and come up with ways to hang photographs in your house. Why not show the awesome work we are making?


I’ve always loved the idea of having photographs going up stairs. Think about how often we go up and down our stairs in our home. Think about how much more you would like going up and down those stairs if you had photographs to look at? Here are some ideas!


Found on joyfulscribblings.com


I love the look of creating depth with the different frames, their sizes, and matting color. This creates more of a vintage vibe! Including a letter for your last name makes the wall collage even more personal!


Found on huntsudio.blogspot.com


A very simplistic way to hang photographs going up stairs. I love the look of the hooks with fabric tied to support the image.


Found on Kristendukephotography.com


I also love the look of unframed, smaller images hanging. This is a fast decorating solution that will help make your room feel alive! Check these out!


This is called a tangle photo frame, but it’s not really a frame. Consisting ofa bar and clip cables of varying lengths, it is a stylish and creative way to display your favorite photographs. For all you DIY’ers, this would be a very easy project!


Found on Urbanoutfitters.com


Imagine filling your whole wall with images using these clips?!


Found on hannahunn.blogspot.com.au


It doesn’t get any simpler than this. Find some hangers that you don’t need, spray paint them, and clip away!


Found on sticky9.com


Before you start hanging your photographs and putting holes into you wall, make sure you have the proper measurements and space! Here’s a good way to do that.


Hold pieces of paper on the back of frame and mark with a Sharpie where to put the nail. You will then tape the back on wall and nail right through the paper!


Found on lilyrose.hubpages.com


Happy hanging! Show us some of your hanging ideas!

Written by Cheeky Lime — October 11, 2015

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