Let it snow Let it Snow Let it Snow


A few weeks ago we called for your favorite snow photos on our Facebook page. While there were so many great images I was stricken with this series from Clair at Marika Photography.


The talented Claire gave us some great tips for photographing in the snow:


1- Try to think of the snow as one giant soft reflector.


2- Know that your camera's batteries will drain more quickly in the cold and be prepared with backups ifyou're going to be shooting for a while.


3- Dress warm! This is one situation where professionalism can take a back seat to functionality. Besides, you won't seem very professional if you're too cold to hold a camera steady.


4- Also, make sure to manage your client's expectations. It will be cold, they won't be able to wear heels, and their noses might end up being a little red  I lucked out and was able to do this session with an exceptionally cool and fun couple.


Thank you Claire for the beautiful images and tips! 


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