Want to be a guest blogger for Cheeky Lime?

Since our blogger, Brittany, is having a baby this spring, we want to get some guest posts lined up while she's taking it easy for a few weeks. We get asked all the time for tutorials, tips, photography advice, etc and this is where YOU come in! We're specifically looking for posts in the following areas


Tutorials for Photoshop or Lightroom

Basic overview of aperture, ISO and shutter speed

Building your business and maintaining clientele 

Rule of thirds

Travel photography

Shooting with natural light and in clients' homes


If you have knowledge or interest in any of these areas, please send us a message at info@cheekylime.com and we'll give you more information. We wanted to throw this out to our fans early because the Holiday season is approaching and we know how busy everyone can get!


We'd also like to thank everyone for you positive feedback and excitement over what we have in store for the next few weeks. We're SO excited to be releasing a much requested smaller bag as well as more colors of our beloved Classic Bag. We truly do appreciate your feedback and it's because of that feedback that we have these bags!


So thank you! We hope we can use this opportunity to give our talented fans a little bit of exposure as well as help those out who have been asking for tutorials and advice. Again, if you're interested in participating, please email info@cheekylime.com


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