Gift ideas for you toddlers

It's cliche, but technology has taken over the world. I stumbled across Childhood Unplugged a few weeks ago and now read their blog whenever there's a new post as well as follow them on Instagram. I love it. I love the sweet innocent, the imaginative play, the disconnect from batteries, apps, and screens. I've got 3 year old twins and although I'm a stay at home mom, I also work and go to school from home, so far too often, screens are my saving grace. Ironically, the past few months, my girls have wanted nothing to do with screens, so I've found myself trying to entertain them without them.

Since Christmas is right around the corner, it's given me a good excuse to buy things that encourage more play time and less screen time. We're getting them puppets, books, a tool set, board games we can play together as a family, dress ups, a play tent, and a few other things that don't take batteries. I think it's important to remember that play can be simple. Things don't have to have blaring lights, whistles, and retina display to entertain children. 

I put together a few more ideas that range in age and that fit different budgets. Click on the links under each collection to get to the product page. There are so many cute, simple toys out there and several of these items are handmade. Bonus!

Toddler Gift Ideas

Is anyone else not buying their kids things with batteries and screens this Christmas? I love the idea of getting back to the simple and getting back to play. Hope these ideas helped and keep an eye out in the next few days for more Holiday gift ideas!

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