3 DIY Lighting Tricks

3 DIY Lighting Tricks


Love making your own stuff? Ever thought you could make your own photo gear? I never thought I could! Check out these simple lighting techniques/projects, and put them to test!


Using A Business Card To Bounce Light


Who knew your business card would have multiple uses? If you create two slits in your business card and place it right in front of your internal flash, the light will bounce up to create a nice overall illumination. Some of the light will go directly through the card, while the other will disperse and light the subject from the front. When using your internal flash, most images will be dark and shadowy. When using the flash bouncer, your image will become light, bright, and airy! Try it out!




DIY Beauty Dish


Ever wanted to purchase a beauty dish, but then saw the price? Have no fear! This DIY Beauty Dish will cost you little to nothing and your photographs will have a soft and shadowless finish.


What you’ll need:
2x polystyrene dishes
2 toothpicks
A small piece of foil
Double sided tape
A cutting knife
A pair of scissors
External flash







-Grab your external flash and make an impression into the rear of the dish. Cut around the impression with a cutting knife and make sure the external flash fits nicely.


-Take your second bowl and cut out the entire flat bottom of the dish


-Line the bottom of the “was a dish” piece with double sided tape and place a piece of foil on the tape, press firmly for adhesion. (trim the edges of the foil)


-Turn the piece over and insert two cocktail sticks- one at 12 o’clock and one at 6 o’clock.


-Place the bottom of the bowl with the toothpicks over the head of the external flash and place into bowl, leaving 2cm of room.


-Shoot away!










DIY Flash Diffuser


Tired of having unflattering, harsh photographs from your flash? Use an old film canister to make it better!


What you’ll need:
Camera with pop-up flash
White film container
X-acto knife




-Measure your flash- measure the width of your flash so you’ll know how wide to make the cut in the film container.


-Using your X-acto knife cut a notch in the side of the film container. Make the notch slightly wider than the depth of the flash.


-Slide it on- slide the film container onto your flash, and put the lid on to hold it into place.



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