What's in my bag?

We want to start a new series on the blog called, "What's in my Cheeky Lime bag?" Not the most original title, but it gets the message across, right? ;) I find it fascinating to find out what others carry with them. Whether you're a professional photographer that only carries camera gear or whether you use your bag as an all purpose bag with a mix of camera, personal and kid's stuff, we want to see it! Depending on the response, we'll either do full posts with the things that are in YOUR bag, or we'll feature an image at the end of posts or on our pinterest, facebook or instagram pages.

So, let's get started with what's in my Cheeky Lime bag!

I've got the Livy bag and two year old twins. I don't always lug around my camera and all my lenses, but when I do, the Livy is perfect. I love that my camera is protected and the rest of my things are organized. Here's what my bag looks like on a typical day.


My "Nifty 50", my kit lens and my Camera with the Sigma 30mm attached


A couple of diapers, a book, baby wipes, a couple toys, sunglasses, my phone, wallet, glasses, keys and maybe most importantly, my strawberry lip salve


I definitely could fit more, especially considering I don't have anything in that front zipped pocket.



That's what I have in my bag, but what about YOU? You can either send your pictures to info@cheekylime.com or pin them on pinterest. Make sure you tag @cheekylime and use the hastag #cheekylime so we can find your photo and feature it!

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