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One thing that I'm always so impressed by is how some photographers package up their product. Often times, packages are clean, modern, unique,  used to make a statement, and leaves your clients with a lasting impression of what your work is all about. Producing beautiful things. I don't have a photography business, but if I did, here are a few packaging options that inspire me...


Bookelyn Photography definitely has that clean, modern look that I love. They also use one of my favorite color combinations, so I'm a HUGE fan of this one!






This one by Anna Routh Photography combines timeless brown packaging with...wait for it... nail polish! Can you imagine getting your images back from your photographer and being surprised that she/he included nail polish? My life would be complete!


Kraft Inspired Photography Packaging



Look at this USB drive package from Havi Frost. I love the bright colors and the strong contrast. I also love the idea of using a USB drive instead of the traditional disk. 



And if you're looking for a way to spruce up your own packaging, here's an excellent tutorial from akula kreative for a felt covered DVD case!


DIY photography packaging ideas for a DVD case


I really love the concept of beautiful packaging. It's a good marketing tool because this is something that your clients are going to keep forever. It's an added bonus to have something unique and personal to store your images in. How do you present your clients with their images?

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