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We've had several people asking us if we have a collection of reviews on our bags. The answer? We don't! :( But it wouldn't be right to review our own product, so that's where YOU come in! We'd love to be able to show our Cheeky Lime bags in use and hear what you love or wish we could improve on. After a little internet hunting, we were, however, able to round up a few reviews from our customers.

*All images belong to the customer reviewing the product. You should spend some time on each of their sites. I did and was really impressed by all of them! Thanks for the reviews!*


Here's a review by Baby Making Machine on our Classic bag


And another reveiw on the Classic Bag by Mom Dot


Here's another review on the Classic bag from Marsha's Garden


And if you want one more WITH a video, here's one from Heather Avrech Photography

Are you noticing a pattern? While these are all great, comprehensive and fair reviews, there are only four of them and they're all on the same bag! So we're asking if you have a review on the Livy or Rachel bags that you send us a link to a post or video. I think we can all agree that shopping online can be difficult at times because you don't know exactly what you're going to get. You can take our word for it when we say that our bags are functional, stylish and great quality, but it also helps to hear it (as well as critiques) from unbiased sources. ;)

So tell us what you think! Send your links and videos to

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