Wish List

We all have wish lists, right? I'm generally happy with the things I have, but I do find great enjoyment in making wish lists, even if I know I'll never get around to buying the items on it. My wishes are pretty random, but I have Pinterest to thank for that. Here are a few of the things that I'm lusting after currently...


This paint. I'm not sure what room I  would paint this color, but it sure is pretty.


FLOWER FEST iPhone & iPod Case

This phone case. It also comes in a stationary and print. I  LOVE it.


Nixon The Mellor Pinstripe Watch

This watch. It's SO perfect and this is coming from someone that normally doesn't love watches.


Pinned Image

Towels found here. Look how bright and cheery those are!!


Charlotte Mugs, Set of 4

These mugs. I'm a sucker for mugs and have a small collection and these would fit in beautifully with it.


Do I need to explain this globe? It's perfect in every way.


Assembly Home Mixed Stripe Rug


And lastly, this rug. I love the contrast and I love the stripes.


See? That wasn't a terrible list, right? Most of my wishes are relatively inexpensive and can be purchased online. So... who wants to get them for me? ;)


What are some of your current "wishes"?

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