Feature Photographer: Heather Telford

As we mentioned, we want to start a bi-monthly segment on our blog. We want this blog and our facebook page to be a place where photographers can come for inspiration and a place where we can give some of the love back that has been shown to us. We decided to feature two photographers each month with a questionnaire and a showcase of some of their work. Today, we have Heather Telford from Heather Telford Photography. Heather is a Utah County Photographer who stresses being true to yourself and your creative eye.

1. Tell us a little about yourself.

I love anything outdoors. I am kinda Plain Jane and like almost anything vanilla flavored. I love running, love my kiddos and husband. I without a doubt would not be where I am today with my husband’s love and support. I am deeply passionate about photography and love natural light.

2. What sparked your interest in photography? How old were you?

 I was in my first year in college and wanted to be a nurse. I took an elective of Film Photography, bought a Pentax k1000 and fell in LOVE with it. I knew it was what "drove" me in life. :)


3. What are your favorite sessions, subject, or situations to photograph?

I have been loving weddings as of late, but I feel my true passion and favorite is family/child sessions. I think because I relate to it because I had 3 kids in 3 years, so I am a busy mom and LOVE it!

4. Most memorable "on the job" moment?

Most memorable moment was a recent shoot for a family that started a foundation that I have recently met. It was life changing and personal but I drove away from that session crying knowing that doing Photography isn’t by chance for me it’s what makes me who I am. 



5. How do you balance your business with your family?

Is there ever a real balance? I feel like i strive everyday to balance everything but I have learned over the years that I put my husband and kids and health first and then It seems like everything else falls in to place. As long and I remember what’s important in life and stay focused I keep a steady balance.

6. What has been your favorite photography related accomplishment?

Being published without paying for it. :) Sounds silly but I have been contacted A LOT to pay for Ad space in magazines and haven't done it yet, and then recently I have been published in 3 different magazines. I love buying the prints to keep as keepsakes for my kids to see my name. :) I feel sorta special for a second looking at it. :)

7. What has been your biggest business blunder or embarrassing moment?

I drove to session once and forgot my camera. Good thing it was 5 min from my house but I could NOT believe I did that!

8. What do you hope people take away from your work?

Memories and real life images that capture emotion. I love seeing families interact in sessions and LOVE the natural feel to my photography.

 Rachel Parcell from The Pink Peonies


9. Where do you draw your inspiration from?

My passion for photography. Really I stopped looking at others sites and decide to be ME. That’s when my true inspiration comes out.

10. How has photography shaped the way you see the world?

I see beyond the surface of things now, I feel I am always looking deeper for more detail in everything.

And lastly, give us your best photography related tip.

  Be YOU. If you’re an inspiring photographer, I would get a film camera and master exposure on film. You will learn to shot in manual and be so much more successful if you start from the basics and learn up. I feel like I finally came into my own when I stopped comparing myself to others work.


Thanks, Heather for helping us kick off this exciting part of our blog. If you are a photographer and would like to be considered, send your information to info@cheekylime.com

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