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Something that I need to do more often is print off my images. I have thousands and thousands of pictures of my kids, but literally have less than 10 printed off. For some reason, hanging pictures can be overwhelming for me. I have it in my mind that a hole in the wall is so permanent and I know I'll mess it up somehow, so I haven't bothered too much.


I want to change that. My house is so dull!! I want to display not only my work, but the work of others in my home. I have a bunch of prints that I've purchased for my twins' room, but haven't hung a single thing in almost 3 years because I'm so ridiculous! I decided to turn to the internet for inspiration and quickly realized that I was trying to think too "in the box". There's a lot of creative ways to display pictures that aren't your typical cluster of frames.

Here are a few of my favorites...


Found HERE

Definitely taking a trip to IKEA soon...


Found HERE

How cute is this? Polaroids on wire?! *swoon*



Found in THIS BOOK



Found HERE

Giant square glass frames? Yes, please!



Found  HERE


What are some of your favorite ways to display pictures?

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