Are you guys on Instagram? I know there are some photographers that are dead set against it, but personally, I love it. I follow a lot of photographers on instagram and am always inspired at the beautiful images they can capture with a phone. I also think it's a good social media tool, especially for photographers. The images always seem so 'in the moment' and real. Well, they seem real if you don't plaster too many filters on you pictures. ;)


My instagram feed is 99.9% of my girls. As much as I love taking pictures with my DSLR, I love being able to pull my phone out super quick and take a snapshot of my twins. I've caught some great moments that I would have completely missed if I would have only had my camera to rely on. It also helps me see the humor in life instead of getting upset. If you're wondering what I mean, take a look at the last picture on this post...



They aren't overly inspiring images by any means, but they are the moments that make up our life. I love them. I've never printed off or done anything with my instagrams, but I'm wanting to give this tutorial from Baby Making Becky a shot and make some sort of collage. I've got over 900 pictures on my account and while they aren't all "collage worthy" I think some of them are worth keepin' around for a while.

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