Our new blogger, Brittany

Hello Cheeky Lime fans!!


I thought I would write a little introduction post so there's a face to the new person behind the Cheeky Lime blog. Let's get over the boring stuff first... My name is Brittany. I'm married to Josh and am the mother of 2 year old twins, Sophie and Lillian. I guess that may not have been the most boring introduction because 2 year olds are anything but boring and I'm sure their mischievous cute little faces will make their way on this blog from time to time. I'm a third year senior at a University in northern Utah and I'm ever so slowly getting my degree in Sociology.


I'm not a professional photographer, but I do take about 3,468 pictures of my kids each day with my Canon XS and Sigma 30mm lens. I'm excited to be a part of the Cheeky Lime team and we've come up with some exciting projects for the upcoming months. I hope to use this blog to share tips, inspiration, and to have it become a community of people who love photography.


 Josh and I last fall (he's super tall and I'm pretty average)

Photo by Lindsey Orton


And the twins. Sophie on the left, Lillian on the right. These two are definitely cray cray.  Also, don't mind the messy (but luckily blurred) kitchen in the background. Just keepin' it real, folks. ;)


I'm excited to promote good conversation and good photography through this blog and am excited to get to "know" many of you!


Hope you have a fabulous weekend and we'll see you again on Monday!




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