5 tips for using social media with your business


Whether you love it or hate it there is no denying that social media can bring massive benefits to your photography business. I'm sure all of you reading this that own a business are somewhere on the web, either facebook, twitter, pinterest, instagram, etc. But it's not just the fact that you are present in social media that is going to get you exposure, it is how you use it. Here are some tips and links to utilizing these free and valuable forms of marketing to get you the maximum exposure possible. 


1- Post, Tweet, etc between 1 and 4 pm.

These are typically the highest time for social media traffic. Get more detailed info HERE and HERE


2- Don't over do it

-Are you posting on your business FB page 8 times a day? If you are it is likely that people will start unliking your page or stop subscribing to your feed. Keep your posts to 1-3 times a day. 


3- Tag clients and vendors

Find your clients and vendors you have worked with on these social media sites and when you post their photos or write a comment about how great photographing them was, make sure to tag them. Their friends and clients will see the posts and hopefully stick around your site a bit longer to check it out! This is also a great way to build good relationships with other vendors!


4- Get Personal and Ask Engaging Questions

Posting photos is wonderful but every post you make doesn't have to be about photography and business. Get personal by commenting every so often about how your day is going, what you are doing, and things you love. Also, asking engaging questions and having people respond increases the likelyhood people will see the post. Questions like "What is the ONE thing you can't compromise when planning your wedding?" or "How do you define success and happiness." etc.


5- Invite clients to contribute

Pinterest boards are a great way to have clients engage with you and your business. Click HERE for a great article all about that. Intragram is also beneficial as  you can have a contest or just invite once a week for clients to post images surrounded around a theme. 


What are your favorite tricks to getting more exposure and engagment on the web?


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