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We are incredibly lucky to have the wonderful Carolee Beckham on the blog today. I love this recent session from her, it is so heart warming and full of love and color!i


Carolee was kind enough to send us over some great tips for photographing these session. Listen up, this is great advice!


From Carolee:

I absolutely love photographing lifestyle sessions. There is something so perfect about entering into someone's home and using their own personal surroundings as a backdrop to their session. It sure makes choosing the location easy! Here are some tips to booking and shooting a successful lifestyle session as well as some reasons why I love these types of sessions (especially for children).


1. Kids are always more relaxed in an atmosphere that is comfortable and known to them. At almost every one of my lifestyle sessions, the kids are behaved and happy. They have their toys, their treats, their space. It is important to plan in some time to observe when you arrive and throughout the session. There's not a lot of direction needed from the photographer to capture a beautiful moment but it's important to always be ready to capture the moments. 


2. Most clients haven't had one of these sessions done before, so they're not sure how to prepare for the photographer to come into their home. Talk with them beforehand and help them to know that you just want them to relax and go about their day like normal. You can offer suggestions for activities- especially if you're shooting an entire family. Something food related is always fun and provides great opportunities for interaction.


3. Even the smallest of homes and apartments have personality and are worth using as the space for these lifestyle sessions. I've had clients tell me that their homes just aren't that pretty or clean. Tell them not to worry- the area of the home is secondary to the moments happening in the images. It's your job as the photographer to frame their space in a way that shows how beautiful it is, regardless of the decor (or lack thereof).


4. Don't be afraid of the bedroom! Some of my favorite lifestyle family sessions have taken place with everyone in their pjs all snuggled up in bed. It may seem silly to everyone at first, but it makes for some fun and loving moments. If you're interested in ending your session with this, make sure to tell them before hand that you'd like everyone to change into something super comfortable, like pjs, and that you'd like to do some snuggly photos. 


5. Lifestyle sessions are amazing for children but they also work so well for large family groups, family reunions, gatherings and even the classic family photo.


Thank you Carolee for the wonderful advice! 


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