Toddler Tips

Photographing toddlers, whether in a family setting or for their own private shoot can be difficult. You never know if you are going to get the shy one who clings to mommy and daddy or the loud crazy one who won't hold still for 1/60th of a second. Here are some great tips from some very talented photographers for getting those great photos to hand over to your clients. 


When photographing Toddlers with Family: 



I like to remind the parents its ok to have some fun and just play with their kids. Sometimes kids can pick up on their parents frustrations and then they become fussy. When the parents let loose the kids do to. And I try to remember to let them be themselves. You always have certain expectations going into a session as a photographer, things never go the way I plan but they usually go better, in a way that I never invisioned before. :) -Tiny Bird Photography


For more candid sessions:


I ♥ working with kids! They are my favorite to work with. I find you just have to let them be who they are, try not to pose them jsut let them run wild! trying to get them to sit and look a certain way will just get them cranky and not wanting to take photos! but having a race with the photographer is LOTS of FUN! - Sarah Guerin-Purdy


Helping a toddler pose:



Showing the toddler how to pose & what faces to make is much more effective than just telling them to "put their hands on their face & look silly". Showing them what you want, having fun with it, & being very energetic goes a long way! - Shannon Fulton Photography


Some more helpful tips:


Distraction. And having a helper in the background to use a prop to distract them. If all else fails, let them roam around or play and get candid shots. - Orange Frame Photography


Chase them! They are not used to having someone with a camera in their face. They need a break, and playing tag with a two year old is a great way to get some genuine smiles :)  - Love, me Photography


Candy! but usually i try to have a critter made out of suckers. Like Halloween was a spider, now its a turkey, etc... I will give it a name, then i tell the child " its favorite place to set is my lens, but i cant watch him. Will you help me watch him?" so on and so on. - Pictures from the Hart 


Give your toddler something to do! 1-2 year olds are among my favorite subjects because they delight in the simplest of things. I give them mason jars or fun props to interact with and then capture them as they play! - Sierra Ford Photography


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