Photographer feature: Jill Marzion

Today on the blog, we're featuring Jill Marzion. Jill is a Milwaukee based photographer who has a very creative eye. She's quite popular on instagram and facebook and her work inspires thousands. We asked Jill a few questions about what inspires her, her gear and what photography means to her. Thanks, Jill for sharing your work with us!

1. What sparked your interest in photography? How old were you? My youngest son! I wanted to get some quality images of him when he was brand new, so I bought a decent camera (which I never had for my older kids). I then quickly became consumed and haven't put my camera down since!

2. What are your favorite sessions, subject, or situations to photograph? I love so many types of sessions, but my favorites are probably when the subjects are very relaxed and trust all the ideas I have in mind. It makes for a great session, but even more importantly, it makes for incredible images!

3. What's in your camera bag? I shoot with Canon Mark iii and my 50 1.4 is on my camera 90% of the time. I also use the 24-70 for weddings and love getting creative with tilt shift lenses! Also, multiple SD cards, batteries, the expo disc, lens cloth and chapstick!

4. How do you balance your business with your family or social life? This is a very difficult task and I am currently working at finding a better balance. I try to take on a limited number of sessions each week and weddings each month. With four kids running around it is difficult to get much done during the day, so I utilize nap time and late nights. I also remind myself that editing can wait and to live in the moment. I can get easily caught up in editing and put off family things or any type of social life, so some days I just give myself permission to take a break or a day off.

5. What has been your favorite photography related accomplishment? I think seeing my improvements are one of my favorite things! When I look back at where I was at to where I am now, it is so encouraging. It helps me to believe in myself!

6. What has been your biggest business blunder or embarrassing moment? Probably putting myself out there on FB and my blog and really not having any quality images...yikes!

7. What do you hope people take away from your work? I hope that people are inspired by my work and that they can see a story in my images. I strive to capture 'real' emotions so that it documents the reality of life.

8. Where do you draw your inspiration from? I am constantly reading about photography. Anything I can get my hands that I can learn from, I read. Books, blogs, other photographers, pinterest, photo magazines, etc. I also study my favorite images from my favorite photographers and take note of all the details, this helps me to really better myself.

9. How has photography shaped the way you see the world? Great question! Well for one thing, it has trained my eye to see so much more beauty that I never noticed before. I study the sun and where it falls. I analyze designs of buildings. I view rooms in terms of best lighting, etc. It has been life changing and so exciting and to be able to document my life and others is just awesome!
10. Give us your best photography related tip. My best bit of advice is to just keep practicing.  I never put my camera down and am always thinking of what to photograph next.  It has helped me tremendously with my skills.  I have a personal blog that I post a photo a day and that keeps me going!  

Thanks so much, Jill! I've personally enjoyed your work for a while now, so we are thrilled to be able to spotlight some of your work.

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