Good things are coming...

I've mentioned before, but I love fall. Why do I love fall?

Because you can wear boots

Because the light is the prettiest
Image by yours truly

Because Salted Caramel Pumpkin Parfaits are a real thing

Because Christmas is coming and that's always awesome
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But do you know what we're *most* excited for this fall? The fact that so many of your questions are finally being answered! We're changing things up around here and in just a few weeks we'll have a completely revamped site along with many of our out of stock bags back, PLUS we are introducing a new, smaller bag that has been highly requested. More colors, more options and a facelift on our site.

We're so grateful for the growth our company has seen over the last few years. Our fans have been incredibly patience as we've worked out the details to get these bags out and they'll be here just in time for Black Friday. If your curious, hop on over to our Facebook Page to be the first to know about when these bags will be available for pre-order as well as see sneak peeks of what they look like.

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  • I was just about to order the Classic DSLR bag in lime but really want the pink (which is sold out). Here you say “many of the out of stock” items will be back. Will the classic bag be back in pink? Please let me know!


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