I came across an article from the Huffington Post this morning and thought I'd share a little bit from it.

"Life is filled with blessings and curses, but the kicker is, you can never tell for sure which is which. Our job is to grow our souls deeper each year, with every experience we share, with every loss, with every pain, with every joy, with every celebration, with every sorrow, with every tear -- every one of them is part of the building blocks of our lives and who we are is the result of every experience we have ever had. What matters most is never the circumstance or experiences of our lives alone, but the meaning we choose to ascribe to those experiences."
~Rabbi Steven Carr Reuben

For whatever reason, the kicker as the author calls it, is what hit me the most. Sometimes blessings look like curses and sometimes curses look like blessings. I think too often we can get wrapped up in what other have, whether they be talents, material possessions, relationships, etc and feel like we aren't enough, like we don't have enough. But guess what? We do!

That's one thing I love about photographers. You guys seems to always seem to make people feel like they are enough. You capture the hidden side to every day moments. You see the world differently and you try to show the people a different side of the world through your work. However, there's so much to compare ourselves to and I think we could all use a little reminder to slow down and remember that we are enough.

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