We've done a few of these posts before, but we think they're so helpful! Learning photography can be a bit overwhelming and even for seasoned photographers, it's nice to have a refresher or even a cheat sheet stashed in your bag. ;) So, we've found a few more cheat sheets that we thought our fans would be interested in. For me, personally, one of my goals is to pull out my camera more and really learn how to use it. I shoot on manual mode, but I know there's so many things my little Canon is capable of that I haven't tapped into yet. These cheat sheets have helped me a lot as I've been looking at them and reading the articles that go along with them, so I hope you can find use for them as well! 

Happy shooting!

Found via Flickschool

Found via Digital Camera World

Found via Digital Camera World 

Found via can you guess it?? Digital Camera World 

Written by Cheeky Lime — January 09, 2014

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